The Balinda Children's Foundation

Every child deserves a chance

For every child’s life we have impacted, they have a story to tell. Those of us who have had the opportunity to meet these kids in person, our encounters with them usually begin with a warm hug from them and a very wide smile on their faces. Young and old, they know how transformational our interventions in their lives have been and they always wear their appreciation in the smiles on their little innocent faces. These are some of their stories.

Harriet, David, and Margret 

When we first met Kirungi Harriet in 2016, she had dropped out of school, doing odd jobs around the village. As a young woman who dropped out of primary school, Harriet was vulnerable to men taking advantage of her due to poverty. She was earning around $6 per month to support her household of siblings and an ailing grandmother. Harriet, her brother David and their grandmother Margret were selected from the profiles on our website by their sponsor. Today Harriet is sponsored to attend Kyarusozi Vocational Training School where she is training to be a hair stylist so she can open a salon. Her brother David is back in school and their grandmother is rearing pigs as a source of income. Our work with this family will provide them with financial stability and a bright future.

Molly and her children

We discovered Molly through our community outreach programme in 2016. Molly was abandoned by her alcoholic husband leaving her and her children to fend for themselves. Molly shares a one room mud house with her children and used to work long hours in people’s plantations to be able to feed her children. Her children had never attended school. Molly’s children are now going to school for the very first time thanks to your support. Molly has been given training in modern farming methods, and provided with exotic seeds for planting to create family income. Our work with Molly and her children has provided a stable supply of food for their family and income from selling extra produce. Her children’s future is promising because of your generous support.