A Ugandan Society where all children enjoy their rights & achieve their full potential


Child Centered Services, Family Based Support, Transparency and Accountability


To provide health-care, education and relief of poverty to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS

Our Philosophy is to Promote Self-Sustenance

To reduce the degree of dependency on external resources, our programme is designed to assist orphans and their family support system to build their own capacity in meeting basic needs, accessing education and maintaining or improving health. By incorporating a focus on the development of income at the family level, we expect to see provisions for orphaned & vulnerable children’s education, health and basic needs being met. As families become able to provide these needs, orphans and vulnerable children will have completed the program. We will then consider adding other orphans to the program.


Providing opportunities to orphaned & vulnerable children to help them realize their dreams

Relief of Poverty

Imagine a 7 year old spending all day on an empty stomach. Poverty relief begins with a view to assist children to meet their basic needs. Children are provided with food, clothing, and other basic essentials. To improve livelihoods of each child, we assist children in the programme to establish income stability by diversifying their farming practice

Provision of Health Care

Healthy children learn best and grow to reach their potential. For the orphans and disabled children in our programme, health issues being addressed are HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, health facility access, malaria prevention and hygiene. To address the risk of Malaria, we are following the best practice of providing mosquito netting.

Advancement of Education

Education is the key to unlock their future. To address the issue of access to education, children in our programme have their school fees paid and are provided with school supplies such as school uniforms, shoes, books, and pencils. The supplies also include sanitary pads for girls who have started their menstruation.

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Relief of Poverty

Help Angella

This is a story of a grandmother struck by tragedy having lost almost all her children to HIV/AIDS. At the age of 70 and with no family income, Nsungwa Angella, a widow, is tasked with the responsibility of caring for the ten grandchildren left to her by her deceased children. Angella is a subsistence farmer - grows food to feed the family. None of her grandchildren currently attend school due to lack of school requirements. To earn a living and be able to provide for their basic necessities of life, the children do manual labour around the village such as working in people’s banana/tea plantations, providing maid services, fetching/selling water to families, among others. At no fault of their own, these children have had to live their innocent lives full of deprivation and have been forced to take on the roles/responsibilities of their deceased parents at a very young age. The children would love to go to school but they cannot afford to do so. They’ve been forced to choose between putting food on the table and going to school, and unfortunately, they’ve chosen the latter. Angella and her grandchildren need support to create family income for their long-term self-sustenance and to send the children to school. Give Agella and her grandchildren a chance to live a normal life by supporting their basic and education needs.

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