Who We Are

The Balinda Children’s Foundation Canada is a registered charity in both Canada and Uganda. The organisation is located in Kyarusozi Sub-County, Kyenjojo District, in Western Uganda. Kyarusozi Sub-County is one of the most remotely located communities in Uganda with majority of its population surviving on subsistence farming. The period of high HIV prevalence (Early1980’s – Late 1990’s) hit Kyarusozi Sub-County very hard, mainly because of Laborers who came from other Districts to work in tea factories in the area, and traders who came from the city to do business in the small trading centre/town that to this day produces most of Uganda’s locally brewed alcohol. The influx of these traders and labourers, who would engage in sexual relationships with the local population, exposed the locals to HIV/AIDS, which was at the time mostly concentrated in big cities.

Kyarusozi Sub-County would for the next several generations until today, suffer enormously from the effects of HIV/AIDS, as the local population contracted and died from HIV/AIDS. At that time, a lot of these deaths were attributed to witchcraft because of the traditional beliefs that are predominant in this community. Almost each and every family in this area lost a father, mother, daughter, son, or an extended family relative. As adults died from HIV/AIDS, countless numbers of children were left with no one to care for them. This vicious cycle of adults contracting HIV and eventually dying, and children being left with no one to care for them, continues to repeat itself to this day. Since the first cases of HIV deaths were reported in this community, children have been affected the most. Countless numbers of families are now child-headed families (children have taken on the roles of their deceased parents). The situation is even more gruesome for orphans facing the double trauma of losing their parents and having to live a painful existence because they are HIV positive, and have zero access to antiretroviral medicine and nutritious foods to help them live long/healthy lives.

The Balinda Children’s Foundation Canada answered this call and has been providing the help that these children and their families desperately need. The need in these impoverished communities is so enormous that we call upon all kind-hearted individuals and organizations all over the world to stand with us and give life and hope to these children.


A Ugandan society where all children enjoy their full rights and achieve their full potential.


Our mission is to provide assistance to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and vulnerable children in Uganda. We are dedicated to helping these children with their basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and providing them with educational opportunities so they can become contributing members of society.


  • Child Centered Services: Children are the focus of everything we do and we are focused on ensuring that every child enjoys their rights to the fullest, and this is achieved by providing them with their basic necessities of life which is key to their success.
  • Family Based Support: We believe every child deserves a family and our support to the child should contribute to family development.
  • Promote Human Dignity: Our support promotes the dignity of those who are most vulnerable and helps them achieve their full potential. We respect the most vulnerable and fight for their recognition and support by everyone.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We are accountable to ourselves, the children, their families, our partners and donors to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in our work and the resources entrusted with us.
  • Selflessness: We work very hard beyond our comfort to achieve the best results for the children and their families.