The Balinda Children's Foundation

Every child deserves a chance

Sponsor a child

The Balinda Children’s Foundation Canada relies on our generous donors and sponsors to help support each child’s needs. Child sponsorship gives hope to the children and offers them a chance to realize their dreams. Your gifts bring practical love, hope and transformation into the children’s lives.

The cost of sponsoring a child is $45/month or $540/year. This fee covers the child’s school fees, school uniform, school supplies, clothing, and food. A percentage of this support goes towards starting an income generating activity for the child and their family for their future self-sustenance. The fee can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on which is most convenient for the sponsor.

How to sponsor.

1. Choose a child who needs sponsorship from the profiles on our website and fill out the ‘Sponsorship Form’ on our website or contact a member of our team showing interest to sponsor at
2. Once the sponsorship has been approved, donate the sponsorship fee to The Balinda Children’s Foundation Canada monthly, quarterly or annually.
3. You will receive regular updates from your child and us

We are available at any time to answer questions or concerns about the child you are sponsoring.